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2024 Summer Camps & Clinics


Eastern Arizona College 23-24 Team with Club Cochise Volleyball Players at the Alumni & Exhibition Match

Why Club Cochise Volleyball?


From Our Players:

"We learned to cheer together and learned how to work together as a team to be successful."


"I love volleyball and this year I made new friends, increased my skills, and had fun."


"It is a great way to stay engaged in the sport."


"All of the players and coaches are nice and the coaches are easy to communicate with."


"It was amazing making bonds and I have learned more than I ever had before."


"It taught me a lot of new skills and things about volleyball in general."



From Our Parents:

"Upbeat and positive coaches, fun tournaments, and competitive games."


"Everyone was extremely kind and helpful with all aspects. Club Cochise is also affordable in comparison to other clubs."


"I love, love, love being able to attend practices. This allows me to reinforce what is being taught. the coaches were approachable and kind."


"The experience as a whole was great."


"The coaches have helped develop, not only my daughter, but the whole team. Seeing our team grow has been awesome to watch. My daughter only wants to get better and continue to play."


"My daughter enjoyed the team and felt she learned more than school and was part of a team."


"The invoices are easy to pay, the reminders are helpful, the fundraisers are all great ideas, the coaching is amazing, equipment is all good, practice locations are clean/safe, CrossFit is helping the girls get strong."


"I like the Mental Health Training, positive motivating social media posts, offering the girls the chance to complete at a higher level, volleyball clinics, fundraising, scrimmages, CrossFit, and open practices."


"I like that the girls get their playing time, are learning new positions, the CrossFit option is great to have, and the skills camps are helpful."


"My daughter has improved in every aspect of the game."


"I love the coaching staff at the Benson location. Not only because of their experience, but they coach the girls with positive reinforcement! My daughter has built up her confidence because of her coaches."


"CrossFit and I feel that you took the time to find coaches that want to be there and see the girls develop."


"I like the emphasis on teamwork and positivity."





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