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Our Club Culture


GROWTH MINDSET: Skills are a result of hard work. Mastery comes with effort. Feedback is  learning tool. Learn to let go of the outcomes and focus on the process.

CONSISTENCY: Maintain a progressive level of performance.

DETERMINATION: How much you want something and the lengths you will go to make it happen.

PUSH YOUR LIMITS: Push beyond what is physically possible today. Put in the hours. Fight through the discomfort.

ATTITUTDE: Positive, enthusiastic, and confident no matter what. Mentally tough and resilient.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Doing what you say you are going to do and executing the task to the best of your ability.

DISCIPLINE: Focus on goals, develop a strong work ethic, and be consistent in training.

TRUST THE PROCESS: Constantly grind through the training and workout sessions, despite how repetitive they are or lack of immediate results.

EMBRACE THE HARD: Get comfortable with the uncomfortable because that is where growth happens.